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1. The idea
Is essential.

Sometimes inspiration comes at once, and the vision is right here, in just seconds. Sometimes, it’s a struggle with all the options to choose from. Designers are brainstorming. To create a perfect piece requires instant creativity and flair for fashion trends. Above all, the concept should meet the client’s brief and demands.

2. We design with the highest
attention to details

We design consciously. When accessories become a reality, we keep in mind the technical possibilities and limitations, as well as the market demand. We are sensitive to fashion trends but also to cultural diversity, which enables us to create designs that are adequate using the trendiest and most advanced components. We always provide our best design, optimum quality at a competitive price.

3. See samples first and be the part of the process

Discovering the first samples is like opening presents. Excited, hopeful, thrilled, you are wishing for the best. And rightfully so! The sampling process allows us to fully meet your expectations. It’s time for adjustments on size, shape, material or color… The sample is evolving, transformed by us into your object of desire.

4. We Produce the little piece of art

Production is like the icing on the cake. A designer’s vision becomes real. From an artistic sketch to mass production. Still each piece remains unique, pampered by delicate hands, controlled during every step of its production.

5. We ensure safety &
of products

Safety first, no harm, no allergy! The product that leaves our factory is always perfectly secure, adequately conditioned and of remarkable quality. Through each stage, from the purchase of raw material to the packing of the produced article, numerous tests and specific controls are conducted.

6. We take care of all logistic steps

It is an adventure controlled from A to Z. Sometimes your product will have to cross many borders, over land and seas before it reaches you. Ships, airplanes, trains, trucks and maybe even a bike – everything to ensure safe and timely delivery to you.

We deliver you order

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Cause we care

about our people

Social Corporate Responsibility - we take it seriously.
It is all about people. Taking care of our workers is our primary preocupation. The goal is to help families grow, children follow education, seniors feel secure.

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about our enviroment

It’s a must! To keep the environment safe and preserved for future generations. The eco-system is so fragile. We feel globally responsible, so our action are conscious and respectful towards nature. We do our best to minimize the impact on the environment.

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